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swimmingthroughthestereo ([personal profile] swimmingthroughthestereo) wrote2017-01-10 04:18 pm

a chuckle in time

circa 03.
jumping up and down on the bank by the parking lot
hair flying, impromptu belting out, out:
"And then I saw her standing there
With green eyes and long blond hair
She wasn't wearing underwear at least I prayed that
She might be the one maybe we'd have some fun
Maybe we'd watch the sun rise
But that night I learned some girls try too hard
Some girls try too hard
Some girls try too hard to impress
With the way that they dress
With those things on their chests
And the things they suggest to me...."

eyes wide, cockeyed smile
"whaaaat." drawn out for dramatic effect.
while wearing my sweatshirt.
you knew.